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Weekend Class 

Weekend (Sunday) School –Rules & Regulations

  • Be punctual to the class, come on time. Drop off time for students is 9:45 AM. Any student will not be allowed to enter the class after 10:10 AM

  • Likewise, students pick up time is 1PM (If there any Salah (Prayer) during the class session, all students will attend that Salah (Prayer) and will go back to class after Salah (Prayer)). Parents cannot pick up their kids before 1PM without any valid reason

  • Parents need to pick up their kids sharp at 1PM. There will be no one in school to take care of any students after class ends at 1PM. It will be solely Parents responsibility to take care of their kids and bring them back home

  • During the class session if any student fall in sick, school administration will immediately and directly call to those contact numbers given to school during registration time. Parent’s cooperation in such kind of situation(s) is highly appreciated

  • For any school cancelation (due to bad weather or such kind), school administration will contact with Parents (though their given contact numbers during registration time) as early as possible

  • Any student cannot miss total 3 days of classes, otherwise that student’s registration will be revoked for that academic year (for special cases parent’s need to talk to School authority with supporting materials or will talk to school authority prior to any such incidences, if that is known)  

  • Every students will be tested periodically to analyze their academic improvements. Such repots (with student’s strength and weakness for any subject(s)) School will also share with their Parent’s in best way possible

  • All students need to bring their own class materials such as pen, pencils, papers etc.

  • Students are asked to be silent during class session. There will be no specific break given to any students rather Teachers will manage and monitor maximum 5 minutes lack time accordingly and perfectly during classes. If any student needs to go to restroom/water/other, then they must take permission from their Teacher

  • School will never accept any use of games, laptop, tablet, etc., during any running class session

  • There will be no eating, drinking and chewing in the class

  • All students should be polite, humble and disciplined (no foul languages will be accepted). Students should follow all instructions from Teachers

  • Boys must wear proper dress code such as full-pants, t-shirts, shirts etc., and Girls should wear Hijab/Abaya/Burqa. No tight fit dresses with any image of cartoons, graphics or such kind will not be accepted

  • All these policies, Masjid As-Salam Weekend School will follow very strictly throughout the whole academic year. For any policy changes, School will clearly communicate with Parents and Students clearly and respectably.



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